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We are dedicated to empowering moms with the support, tools and resources you need to start your own business.

We know from experience what it's like to start a business for the first time on your own. Even when you're just thinking about it....trying to find the information you're looking for can be overwhelming, which can cause you to not make a move at all.

That's why we created these solution stages with you in mind. To help make the decision easier based on your current need and solution style that is going to help you reach your intended goal.

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Are you ready to sell your product or service using the Shopify platform? Awesome, we can work alongside you step-by-step to educate and guide you on what to do. So that you can successfully and with confidence launch your Shopify website in just 10-days!


Done-For-You Solutions

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What our startups are saying

I purchased Lakeshia's top package to build my Shopify t-shirt store. That white-glove service to build my store only needed my t-shirt slogans and she took care of the rest. Within just a short time, I had a full-on t-shirt store with all the bells and whistles from third parties to make the customer experience perfect!!


What our startups are saying!

Great information on business startup! This helped me a lot, thank you.


What our startups are saying!

Very informative and this information is going to benefit so many new entrepreneurs. What a joy?! Lakeshia was a delight to work with…I recently had a speaking engagement and wanted to offer a digital gift 🎁 to the attendees… Well, if you’re like me and time can be limited she provided just what I needed. 😊 After one phone conversation, a few emails later, and 72hours later I had just what I asked for. Thank you again Lakiesha!


What our startups are saying

This information is helping me to fix my business and I'm truly grateful to have this!


What our startups are saying

Lakeisha Williams has been instrumental in helping me cultivate my business ideas. I continue to participate in her training courses as well as purchased her book to continue to ensure I’m meeting my business deliverables. A successful mompreneur who has successful fired her 9 to 5 with class. Motivator like no other. I hope to be one of Lakeshia’s success stories based on this well thought-out business plan.


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