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We are dedicated to empowering women with the support, tools and resources they need to start that business and/or homeschool their children.

We know from experience what it's like to start a business or start homeschooling for the first time on your own. We've even actually did it at the same time. Even when you're just thinking about it....trying to find the information you're looking for can be overwhelming, which can cause you to not make a move at all.

That's why we created these solution stages with you in mind. To help make the decision easier based on your current need and solution style that is going to help you reach your intended goal.

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Done-For-You Solutions

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Are you ready to sell your product or service using the Shopify platform? Awesome, we can work alongside you step-by-step to educate and guide you on what to do. So that you can successfully and with confidence launch your Shopify website in just 10-days!


• Week 1 is all about compliance to ensure your business is properly and legally established prior to your launch

• Week 2 is all about setting up and designing your store to prepare for a successful launch by day 10

• Daily tasks sent to you via email along with your worksheets to help you focus on taking action and moving closer to launching your Shopify website

• Daily instructional videos teaching you about the daily task as well as answer any questions specific to your business

• Individualized Q&A support specific to your business

• Daily evening check-in for accountability and celebration


Do-It-Yourself Business Solutions

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"I always wanna get my life together in the middle of the night at 3am...then my kids wake up around 8am and I totally forgot all that s***."

- Lakeshia Williams

Do-It-Yourself Homeschool Solutions

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