Discovery Session

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So you wanna chat with me....YAYYY!!! Let's do it :)

A Discovery Session allows me to get familiar with your goals, ensure expectations are clear on both sides, and it leads to a smoother project collaboration overall. While also determining if we are a good fit.

Yeah to fewer landmines!

You'll likely find a quote that is cheaper than that skips this thorough part of the process, which can result in you spending money working on the wrong thing due to an inaccuracy of not fully knowing your needs.

In my experience, most clients have an idea of what they want but don’t actually know what they need to achieve their intended goals. You wouldn’t walk into a doctor’s office and tell her what you need without letting her run some tests, assess your situation, and make a professional recommendation. My team and I are professionals as well, so think of this as a similar relationship–only less invasive!

By making a much smaller investment into a thorough 45-minute Discovery Session this is a great way to end up with a better outcome because of a more accurate assessment of your needs. 

So What's Next:

  • After booking your session, you will receive a confirmation email along with a request to complete our Intake Assessment Form as this will help me to better prepare for your call.
  • On the day of your session, I will personally call you at the phone number you entered during checkout.

What You Will Receive:

After your session, you will receive a Recommended Action Plan that includes -

  • Overview of what we discussed
  • Recommended action steps
  • Resources if they were discussed

After The Session You Decide:

  • To hire my team and I to implement the recommended plan
  • To hire someone else
  • To do it yourself, or
  • You may decide it’s not a worthwhile investment to move forward

My goal is to bring clarity to your decision, but there’s no obligation on your part either way.

Applied Session Fee:

  • If you decide to move forward within 24 hours of your session, the session fee will be applied as a discount on your invoice.